How To Avoid Cold Calling

By Jeremy Miner

I don’t know anyone who truly LOVES cold calling.  Great sales people learn to make it a habit so they have a pipeline of qualified prospects coming into their sales process.

For the person who hates cold calling, the solution to not have to do them is REFERRALS.

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For the sale pro who embraces cold calling as part of the process of success, one key to taking it to the next level is REFERRALS.

Referrals can be a very powerful avenue of Business for you if done properly.  Remember to NEVER ASSUME that just because you get a referral that they are automatically going to be interested.  Rule number 1 when calling referrals is to let go of the outcome of the sale and instead focus on whether their is a sale to be made in the first place.  Find out if you can help them.

The AVERAGE salesperson assumes that because this person is a referral that they will automatically be interested in your solution.  Here is usually what happens.

AVG Salesperson-  Hi is this Mary, Mary this is John Smith, with XYZ Company, Barry Goldwater asked me to call you as he said you would be interested in my company’s coaching services as he said your wanting to take your consulting business to the next level, do you have 3 minutes right now where we can talk about how my company can get you the results your looking for?  (here we see the salesman ASSUMING that they are interested, which will automatically trigger sales pressure and resistance, the potential customers defensive wall will come up soon with this type of approach)

Prospect:  Yea, I guess this is fine now

AVG Salesperson:  Ok great, I know you will be excited with what I am going to offer you today, you see here at XYZ company we have been in business for 10 years now, we have helped about 4000 people with their businesses.  Now let me tell you a few things that we do that can help you get you where you want to go, and then you can make an “informed decision” about working with us (when you try to use a closing technique and tell them that after you do a sales pitch or your presentation that they can then make an “informed decision” do you think your potential customers feel like you are trying to close them?  What do you think they will be thinking most of your presentation?  They will only be thinking about great, at the end this salesperson is going to try to close me on what they do, I wonder how much they are gonna ask me to pay, what are some excuses I can say at the end to get out of this situation)(Do you think they will be really listening to your solution the whole time your talking?) (also you didn’t even involve them in this process, you didn’t even ask them any questions around what their problems are if any, whats causing those problems and how that is affecting them and their company, family ect)

Lets take a look at what the 7 Figure Salesperson does:

The 7 Figure salesperson assumes nothing when hes about to call a referral.  To him or her his first objective is to find out about this person, what their problems are if any, and whether or not he or she can help them.  Lets look at a few ways to do this:

The 7 figure salesperson will ask the person giving the referral “Can you tell me more about this person and why you feel I could help them?  Doesn’t it make sense to get as much background as you can about who you are about to call.  It will give you a picture of this person and some reference points that you could possibly bring up in the call.  Heres an example:

Hi Jane, this is Jeremy Miner and a mutual business associate of yours John Smith suggested that I give you a call as I understand  from him that your possibly having a challenge with (you describe the challenge)  and he thought that I might be able to help you.  Is this an appropriate time to talk?

Prospect:  yea it is actually (they didn’t feel any sales pressure from you, so they are more open from the start)

7 FIGURE:  Ok well just so I don’t go over things that John might of discussed with you, would you give me your thoughts on what you both have already spoken about, and what you would like to cover, so that we can focus on you what what your possibly looking for?  (notice the 7 Figure salesperson uses the word ‘possibly’ a lot, that is because when we are communication with out potential clients we stay Neutral, we don’t assume the sale, When you stay Neutral in the sales Process you win the Trust of your potential Customer as they don’t feel sales pressure from you.  You go from the ‘dreaded salesperson’ in their eyes to the ‘Trusted Authority’ and they look at you as an adviser or friend rather than another salesperson trying to sell them something.


It might be appropriate to both of us if I could understand a little bit more about you and what your possibly looking for, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?  Fox example, what type of Consulting business do you have? (asks a Background questions)

You are now in a 2 Way Dialogue and Discovering about their situation and if you can help them with what you do.  You well on your way to making THE SALE.

That is what the 7 Figure Salesperson ASKS 🙂

Be the Best,

Jeremy Miner

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About the Author

Jeremy Miner is an internationally recognized sales trainer who has taught thousands of people how to go from just getting average results in selling to becoming a Top 1% earner in their sales industry. Over the years, Jeremy has been asked by thousands of salespeople to train them on how to eliminate rejection, how to connect with their prospects, how to cold call, how to overcome their prospects objections/concerns, and finally how to close more sales without being a pushy, sleazy, disrespected salesperson and learn how to be viewed as the Trusted Authority in their entire market.