Effortlessly Diffuse The “I Don’t Have The Money” Objection

By Jeremy Miner

I don’t Have The Money

We Don’t Have the Budget

I/We Can’t Afford It

It’s too expensive

It’s out of our price range

These are all a variation of the same objections.  Money.

Be honest.  How did it make you feel reading that list?

We’re you happy?  Stressed out?  Most sales people that have one of these phrases said to them get DEFENSIVE.

Check in with yourself right now.  Do you feel defensive or have you ever felt defensive when someone said they didn’t have the money?

What most sales training programs would teach you to do in this situation is re-state the benefits of the product or service. (Or Whatever you are selling)

This is a fatal mistake.

Using Logic and facts (Re-stating the benefits) and telling them about all the benefits they are going to get doesn’t solve the problem.  They may buy because you wore them down but it is a crappy way to be sold and as the sales person, you feel pushy and awkward and takes the joy out of the process for both the buyer and seller.

Logic and facts never moves someone to make a change,  only emotion does.

Let me say that again…..

Logic and facts never moves someone to make a change,  only emotion does.

by using this step by step process,  You help them to overcome the objection themselves and they aren’t sold,  they buy.

There is a difference.

Next time someone tells you that they don’t have the money,  say this:

“That’s Not a problem… Tell me, if you did have the money, would this be something that would work for you?”

I also recorded a recent training for our paying customers that explains step by step, how to do it like a pro.

That is what the 7 Figure Salesperson ASKS 🙂

Be the Best,

Jeremy Miner

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About the Author

Jeremy Miner is an internationally recognized sales trainer who has taught thousands of people how to go from just getting average results in selling to becoming a Top 1% earner in their sales industry. Over the years, Jeremy has been asked by thousands of salespeople to train them on how to eliminate rejection, how to connect with their prospects, how to cold call, how to overcome their prospects objections/concerns, and finally how to close more sales without being a pushy, sleazy, disrespected salesperson and learn how to be viewed as the Trusted Authority in their entire market.